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New Owner FAQ's


We get a lot of questions from our buyers regarding things they will need or things that we do or use for our pups, so we decided to put together a section with answers to these frequently asked questions. We have also added some helpful tips or suggestions to make the transition for your puppy to his/her new home as smooth as possible.

 "Why are there No Home Visits prior to selcting my new puppy?
        Reputable Breeder Facts Explained.....


1. In order to be prepared when I bring my Frenchie puppy home, what supplies do you suggest I get?

2. What occurs in the first 8 weeks of my Frenchie’s life before he/she is turned over to me?

3. What daily routine is my French Bulldog puppy use to?

5. When should I neuter or spay my Frenchie puppy and what are the benefits?

6. How often should I bathe my French Bulldog puppy and what are their grooming needs?

7. How soon can I take my Frenchie puppy outside or to a dog park?

8. What do I need to know about immunizations for my Frenchie puppy? 

9. If I live out of State, how will I receive my Frenchie?

10. What should I bring to the airport when I meet the carrier to pick up my puppy?

11. What guarantee does my puppy have and what papers will come with him/her?

12. How often and how much do I feed my Frenchie puppy?

13. Is there a notable difference between male and female Frenchies, i.e., is one easier to house break, friendlier, smarter, easier totrain, more affectionate, better looking, etc. than the other?

14. Are any alterations done to French Bulldog puppies?

15. What if my puppy has a very loose stool, possibly with blood or mucus in it?


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